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About the eCourses

Greater knowledge of community prevention will assist you in advancing your prevention efforts as you learn and improve your skills. Through this site, you have access to free eCourses developed to increase your expertise in prevention. These courses have been developed by experts with significant experience in providing technical assistance to communities.

Next Steps

Customize your learning experience by using the drop-down menus to review the course options. All courses are self-paced and FREE. From brief tutorials to advanced training, whether you have a few minutes or hours, you may start, pause, and re-start your training as your schedule permits, at any time and from anywhere. Let’s get started!

Continuing Education Credits

We are proud to partner with various credentialing bodies to offer you continuing education credits for qualifying courses. We are currently offering Act 48 and Social Work CEU credits for several eCourses. To learn more about how it works, or how to receive credits, download our Credentialing Guide with button below.